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What Is Coated Paper?

  • November 10, 2020

What is coated paper? Many people may be confused when they hear the term coated paper. What is coated paper? In fact, coated paper can be seen everywhere. There is a 99% chance that the paper you are using now is coated paper. Coated paper has a wide range of applications, mainly used for printing, packaging, spray painting and so on. And for the use of coated paper to print demand is relatively large, but often the more often used, the easier it is to ignore the details, small series today for you to reveal a few no one actually knows the print details, these details directly affect the cost of printing, aesthetic.

What is coated paper?
Coated paper is made of base paper coated with white paint of high-grade printing paper, divided into double-coated paper, single-coated paper and Duster paper these three categories, is the most commonly used in the printing business card coated paper.

Double copper paper and single copper paper are coated and calendered paper, smooth smooth surface, high gloss, so in the paper on a pleasing white. The paper has the advantages of high color reversion, bright luster, uniform coating, fast ink absorption, good printability, strong three-dimensional sense, even using ordinary printing ink, can also make good printing effect; Matte paper surface smooth and delicate, good gloss after printing, with its printing pattern, although not bright color coated paper, but the pattern is more delicate than coated paper, presenting noble and elegant texture and taste.

Copperplate paper is mainly used for printing business cards, general promotional leaflets, folding, picture albums, high-grade book covers, illustrations, color pictures, all kinds of exquisite commodity advertising, samples, commodity packaging and so on.

Master a few tips for using coated paper and become an experienced printer.

Copperplate paper is one of the paper in great demand for printing. It can be used to make a lot of printing materials, but because it is widely used in printing, some details are easy to be neglected. A lot of people in the choice of paper will ask, this paper is not the kind of real estate used? That kind of paper looks cheap. In fact, 80% of the leaflets are printed on coated paper, but these customers in printing ignored some of the details, resulting in the use of coated paper printed on paper effect let people have a cheap, not beautiful impression. So what can be done to pay attention to these details, to achieve the effect of reducing printing costs and improve the aesthetics of the printed product.

Little details about the design
Document Design, did not pay attention to the use of coated paper printing to pay attention to small details, resulting in printing color difference, cost increases, and so on. In the design of documents, color should not only pursue art, but also consider the feasibility of printing, the sensitive color should be avoided as far as possible, because color if too complex may affect the cost of printing and finished aesthetic degree, especially orange, blue, gold these color is extremely easy to produce color. If these colors are used in the design, there are three outcomes. The first is an increase in printing costs. In order to make the finished product more perfect, the color will be printed in a special edition, and the corresponding printing costs will increase by 300% ; The second is to modify the document so as to avoid printing in approximate and sensitive colours, and the last is to print conventionally, but with the possibility of colour difference.

A little technical detail
A lot of people printed promotional products, found clearly used are coated paper, why my look so poor quality, off powder is also easy to crease, it looks like cracking, but other people do not print these problems. In fact, when printing did not pay attention to some of the small details of the process, in fact, as long as the attention to the paper process is not well selected, you can solve this problem. In general, we recommend that customers in the printing of leaflets to do a laminating, although laminating will increase the cost of printing, but laminating can increase the toughness of the paper, waterproof, and solve the problem of powder. Even if it is folded, as long as the resin coated, it will not make people to split the illusion of paper, this is the correct use of coated paper.

Although coated paper is widely used, can print many types of printed matter, but the general use of coated paper can not play the printing advantage. The scope and purpose of the leaflet should be taken into account before printing so that it can play its proper role. If you still have questions about the use of coated paper, you can directly consult want to print customer service, to provide you with a professional printing program.

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