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The Difference Between Digital Sample and Offset Printing Sample

  • November 05, 2020

We are familiar with the packing box printing know, proofing the packing box and the real shipping box that we say the bulk sample is not the same. It is easy to see whether it is from the material or the surface of the print pattern of the exquisite and so on. So what is it that makes the difference?

1.Differences in mechanical structure. We see the proofing machine is basically the majority of the platform machine, most of it is monochrome or two-color, its printing mode is rotary, its ink is transferred between the Platen and the Platen Drum, our substrate, the printing paper, is also flat, and printing is usually done using a single-color, two-color or four-color more complex printing press, we know that the pressure is the imprint of the cylinder and the rubber cylinder through the circular way, the printing plate is also wrapped in the drum of paper in the printer is also round.

2.The speed of printing is also different, that is, the speed of printing is different. Our printers print more than 5k -- 6k sheets per hour, while our printers print only about 200 sheets per hour. The two ink rheological characteristics and fountain solution supply is different, which will affect the dot gain, double image and other unstable factors, resulting in a gradient reproduction of the difference.

3. Ink overprint in different ways. When printing on a printing press, the next layer of ink is usually printed before one layer of ink is dry. However, the way of a printer is different from that of a printing press, it will not print another color until the previous one is dry.

4.Printing plate layout design and printing requirements of the deviation, such ink will cause the layout of a hue too much or insufficient, resulting in the actual printing and requirements of the effect is far from.

5.Printing and formal printing plate is usually different, we know that due to the relationship between the print resistance, exposure will be different when the print plate, the type of deep exposure, printing plate light so the effect of printing naturally different.

6. They print on different paper. Paper is different, so substrate in the acceptance of ink its ability to affect the absorption and reflection of light, print quality will follow the difference.

When we do digital products packaging box on the process technology requirements are high standards and high requirements, packaging box on the product drawing requirements and physical products less difference, more realistic. So we packaging and printing manufacturers in proofing will try to minimize the sample and the actual print out and physical products.

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