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Structure Design & Engineering

Packaging is more than just how it looks

Getting functional and impactful packaging is essential in building your brand. Our team of professional

structural engineers will provide you expert advice on how to save costs by reducing your material costs,

prevent product damages while improving your freight utilization and overall packaging aesthetics.

Business Success

High-impact retail results to achieve desired

business success.

Cost Reduction

Save on material and freight costs by reducing

material and space.

Product Protection

Keep your products well protected and lower

damage costs.

Sustainable Practices

Solutions that help to minimize waste to

support a healthier environment.

Unboxing Experience

Exceed your customer’s expectations with

great unboxing experiences.

Storage & Transportation

Solutions that can ship flat for easy storage

and transportation.

Engineered to fit your business needs

Each box is presented differently, but having a strong foundation makes a difference. Our packaging

engineering ensures that your products are well protected with smart construction that is cost-effective,

presentable, and sturdy. Everything is custom made to fulfill your business goals.

Strategic packaging consultation

  Get best recommendations for materials and

     structure for optimal protection and visual appeal

  Strategic structural design to help reduce material

     costs and improve freight utilization

  High-impact focused solutions without

     compromising structural integrity and aesthetics

  Product focused considerations to ensure safety and

     easy user function for your customers

Professional design & engineering

  Best material application for various safety

     precautions (static, food safe, tear-resistance)

  Custom dielines engineered for high efficiency &

     resiliency without compromising protection

  Professionally display products for impactful first

     impressions and unboxing experiences

Packaging testing and validation

  Make informed decisions with accurate 3D visual

     representations of your packaging

  Unlimited digital experimentation with your

     packaging without breaking the bank

  Validation tests to ensure your products have

     maximum protection to meet transit expectations

  Smart palletization visualization helps to save freight

     space to minimize on shipping costs

A professional team to solve all your problems

From raw materials to product design, to the strict control of the production process,

Resolve all of your concerns about the product,

To give you the most secure business experience.

Full Management

Have experienced procurement team

and modern management of the

production workshop

Artwork & Visual Design

Artwork designers work to design your custom

boxes with your brand and overall box experience

in mind to maximize customer engagement.

Professional Logistics

Tracking of the whole Process Logistics Information,

Until you receive the goods,

protect your product all the way.

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