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How To Design Gift Box Packaging?

  • October 25, 2020

gift box packaging design

The gift box custom-made factory specially designs the packing, on the gift box packing question always has the unique design method. No single commodity can exist without packaging, not because of the isolation effect of packaging, but because of the aesthetic and decorative effect of packaging, many products have poor taste and even make consumers see the direct impact on the sales volume of the market, and ultimately even affect the economic benefits of businesses and manufacturers, how to make the packaging design more tasteful is one of the things we should work on from the appearance design skills, such as the gift box custom color, custom style, custom thickness, custom function, etc. , customized gift box manufacturers believe that the gift box to do a good job of text design, color matching, color harmony and shape elements can be, as follows:

(1) Text design. Characters are symbols that convey ideas, communicate feelings and information, and convey the content of a subject. The brand number, brand name, description text, advertising text, as well as manufacturers, companies or distribution units, etc. , reflect the essence of packaging content. These words must be considered as part of the package design when designing the package.

(2) Color skills. Color techniques should be from the following points of attention: first, the color and the corresponding relationship between the packaging; second, the color and the color of their own contrast. These two points are the key to the use of color.

(3) The contrast between color and color. This is a lot of commodity packaging in the most easy to show but very difficult to grasp things. In the design from the master, the packaging of the wound effect is the spring snow, on the contrary, is under the people. In Chinese calligraphy and painting often popular so a saying, called airtight, Shu Ke Happy Horse. Actually, it’s a relationship of contrast.

(4) Shape factor. The shape factor is the shape of the display surface of commodity packaging, including the size, size and shape of the display surface. In daily life we see three forms, namely natural form, artificial form and accidental form. But when we study the form of products, we must find a form that can be applied to any nature, that is, the common regularity of things out, called abstract form.

Of these four elements, the graphic design of the exterior design is very concerned. The distance from the product to the commodity lies in the value. When the value exists, it is the commodity, both are the importance of appearance design in the eyes of consumers, and the pattern design of package design is the essence, which can improve the value of gift box in the following ways:

1. Take Pictures

Direct product or directly related to the product through the way through the photography, is the closest thing to the original thing itself, but also the most acceptable expression for consumers (those who hate things) . David Ogilvy, in his book confessions of An Advertiser, argues that the use of real photographs in advertising design is actually better than other techniques. Therefore, the use of photographic packaging design has been one of the most mainstream means of expression, especially in the food and beverage product packaging design. The process usually goes like this: first draw a good sketch, then prepare the material for shooting, then retouch the film, and finally put it in the packaging layout. The quality of the photographer and retoucher is directly related to the design quality, of course, some simple elements we can also go directly to the source site to find.

2. Composition of photographic material and combination of virtual and Real

To make a design more visually appealing, or to represent an idea that is difficult to achieve directly through photography, designers often combine existing photographic material into a new whole, or add some hand-drawn, vector graphics elements to achieve the goal, this expression can let our packaging design more possibilities, more creative. This form we need to pay attention to is, the existing material there is no good combination point, color match is appropriate, not everything can be put together; hand-drawn and vector elements are generally as auxiliary elements appear, to add to the overall design, hand-painted leaves on a real fruit, for example, should work well.

3. Vector Elements

Vector elements are flat elements made with the help of some vector graphics tools. These elements may be realistic or abstract. I also categorize text-only packaging designs into this category, this form of expression seems more fashionable, modern, generally those products are not suitable for display products are more like to use, this form of expression is suitable for adding printing technology, such as bronzing, bronzing silver and so on.

4. Illustration, Watercolor

The technique of illustration usually requires the help of an illustrator to carry out the drawing part (of course, some designers who are good at drawing by hand can do it themselves) , and then give it to the designer for typography. This gimmick is used more in the female kind product packing, has one kind of small pure and fresh, the literary and artistic feeling. Watercolor painting in fact gives people the same feeling, but watercolor and the general visual experience of illustration is different, in comparison with more artistic temperament. The two methods of expression are generally: first on the paper to draw a good color sketches, and then scanned to the computer with software processing (directly with the hand-painted board on the computer to save this step) , and finally used for packaging and typesetting; Although more time-consuming, but the design of the packaging is generally high-looking, but also more reflective of the designer’s intentions, I think every graphic designer should try.

5. Painting

This technique is more common in the packaging of imported products. The purpose of using this technique is also to show that the products or raw materials are imported from Europe, of course, many domestic brands do this in order to make people think it is an imported product. Oil painting has an aristocratic temperament, can make your product look more valuable, so suitable for those in the high-end consumer groups, do not recommend cheap and low-end market products. The Operation Method may invite some commercial oil painting ateliers to paint the oil painting, the request is not very high may also go online to buy the material.

6. Traditional Chinese painting, ink painting and fine brushwork

Traditional Chinese painting, ink painting and fine brushwork are all very expressive techniques with Chinese characteristics. Traditional Chinese painting and ink painting are more atmospheric, and fine brushwork painting is more delicate. Many clients like these chinese-style designs very much, these styles can make the product look more cultural, but it’s easy to give people a vulgar feeling if the operation is not in place. We can appropriately add some fashionable elements and use relatively new typography, can achieve both with Chinese characteristics, but also lose the effect of fashion internationalization, these methods of expression for tea, health products, local specialty packaging design.

7. Line Drawing, Dots

Using lines or dots to draw the elements of packaging design is also a very popular expression, in fact, is also a kind of hand-painted, can be divided into realistic dots and freehand dots. Suitable for young people in the packaging of products, more fashionable. In this way, it is important to keep the picture clean and tidy, the dots and lines have a certain sense of rhythm and rhythm, do not make people feel Tryophobia, the details should be in place.

8. Color Block

This form of expression has no actual design material, designers through their own understanding of products, brands, with the color block of the product packaging layout is divided, typeset, the form is characterized by fashion, youth, individuality, simplicity and strong identification. In cosmetics, skin care products and drug packaging more common, but can accept this form of customer is not much, so use caution. This form of operation is relatively simple, but the designer of the typesetting and color matching ability is very high.

We think: Can Capture the hearts of customers and consumers is often the expression of packaging design, so from today on do not rely on one or two forms of expression, customers and consumers will be aesthetic fatigue, good form can really add a lot of points to your packaging, but we also have to note: form must be related to the product, must follow the brand tone and the preferences of the target consumer group, not to form.

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