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How To Customize Your Own Packaging?

  • October 20, 2020
With the mature development of packaging technology and the continuous updating of printing and packaging technology, the process of customized printing of packaging box has been simplified, as follows:

1. Design

A lot of packaging design is the enterprise or the customer has their own design or ask the design company and design, because design is the first step, what kind of design or size, what structure, color and so on. Of course, the packaging and printing plant also has to help customers design services.

2. Proofing
For the first time to make a customized printed box, it is usually necessary to print a digital sample, or even to print a real sample on a printing machine, because when printing a digital sample again, the color may be different from that of the digital sample when printing in large quantities, and a printing press mass production to make sure the colors stay the same.

3. Publishing
After the proofing is confirmed, it can be produced normally in batches. As far as the production of the packaging and printing factory is concerned, this is actually the first step. The color process of the present color box packaging box is very beautiful, so the colors of the published version are also various, many color box packaging box not only 4 basic colors, but also spot color, such as spot red, spot blue, black and so on these are spot color, is and normal four-color difference. A few colors is a few PS printing plate, spot color is a unique one.

4. Paper materials
The choice of color box packaging material, in proofing, is already determined, here to say the type of paper used to make packaging box printing

1) Single copper paper also called white cardboard, suitable for color box packaging box, single box printing production, general weight: 250-400 grams commonly used.

2) Coated paper, coated paper with coated paper to do the packaging box, is generally used for mounting paper, that is, coated paper printed patterns, and then mounted on the gray board paper or wooden box, generally suitable for the production of hardcover box packaging.

3) White Board paper, White Board paper is one side White, one side gray paper, white side printing pattern, some used as a single box, some used as a pit paper box, use here do not explain the paper more, in the previous chapter, the properties and characteristics of the common materials used in packaging boxes are introduced, with a detailed description.

5. Printing Services

Color box packaging box printing process requirements are very high, the most taboo color differences, ink spots, needle misregister, scratch and other problems, but also on the post-printing processing.

6. Printing surface treatment
Surface treatment, color box packaging box is common over-gloss glue, over-dumb Glue, UV, over-gloss oil, over-dumb oil and bronzing and so on.

7. Die Cutting
Die-cutting molding is the post-press processing in the more important link, but also the last link, do not good, in front of the effort will be wasted, die-cutting molding note indentation against the line, do not die-cutting.

8. Glue
Many of the boxes need to be glued together, with glue, but some special structure of the boxes do not need to be glued together, such as aircraft boxes and heaven and earth cover, after gluing can be packaged and shipped through quality control.

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