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  • Eight Factors Affecting The Printing Quality Of Color Box
    Eight Factors Affecting The Printing Quality Of Color Box
    • March 10, 2021

    1.The influence of film on the printing quality of color box The developing and fixing process of film film after exposure is directly related to the clarity and contrast of image on film. Therefore, to plate film, the key to see the density of graphics and text parts and non-graphics and text parts of the contrast. The higher the density and the greater the contrast, the better the quality of the plate making film, and the printing quality of the plate made by it can be guaranteed. In addition, plate-making film base thickness also has an impact on plate-making quality, generally thin film is better than thick film. 2.The influence of printing plate on the printing quality of color box In the process of exposure, light source intensity, light source and plate distance, as well as the length of exposure time will affect the quality of exposure. The light source is strong, the distance is short, the exposure time is relatively short, the light source is weak, the distance is long, the exposure time is relatively long. In a certain light source and distance, with the increase of exposure time, plate visible part of the drug film decomposition, increase, until the drug film surface completely decomposed. If the exposure time continues to grow, not visible part of the surface of the drug film due to the role of strong light radiation, sensitive drug film also began to gradually decompose, so as to make the printing plate text lines will become thin, or even broken, die. If the exposure time is not enough, the non-picture and text part of the visible drug film surface is not completely decomposed, the printing plate developed after the non-picture and text part of the drug film, the machine will be dirty when printing. In addition, different brands of printing plate exposure time required is not the same, this must be of concern. In addition, in the printing vacuum, film and printing plate close to the effect of print quality, if the paste is not true, the printing plate may have double vision, ambiguity and so on. 3.The influence of development on the printing quality of color box 3.1 Developer concentration If the developer concentration is too high and the developer develops too fast, it is easy to cause the printing plate to develop excessively, the picture and text lines become thin, the fine dot is lost or the picture and text is thin and unclear, which will affect the printing quality of the color box; if the developer concentration is too small, the surface of the medicine film which is decomposed by visible light is not easy to clean, easy Dirty Plate for machine printing. 3.2 Development time The development time is too long, the printing plate is not visible light of the drug film surface is easy to be dissolved, the printing plate and text will become light, thin, resulting in printing imprinting is not true, not clear; the development time is too short, see light decomposition of the drug film surface is not easy to completely clear, easy...

  • 6 Kinds Of Ineluctable Errors In Printing
    6 Kinds Of Ineluctable Errors In Printing
    • November 15, 2020

    It should be said that this kind of error appears, is not caused by the mechanical problems we mentioned above, but is entirely the process control problems. Therefore, we generally require in the production of print proofing, must have the customer’s signature confirmation. These errors can be reduced or eliminated to a large extent by comparison between the parties. But even so, in fact, some mistakes can still be made in client-approved manuscripts. Error of production and proofing After the design and production personnel have finished the typesetting and production work, they enter into the process of hair typesetting, which is what we usually call film proofing. In general, the laser typesetter film accuracy in the range of 0.01-0.1 mm. At the same time due to the use of different film, will also lead to a certain error. The most direct expression of this error is in the four film (black, red, yellow, Blue) , if a film (such as black version) problems and the need to patch, because the film output film, the resolution may be different (not in the same batch of film) , which leads to Dot changes, the film may be and the previous three film misregister. Therefore, in the piece out should strive to one-time forming, to minimize the patch. Of course, when the film due to font replacement of garbled or font changes, if the relevant personnel seriously responsible, it can be avoided. After the film (film) production, the traditional analog proofing needs to use a set of four film proofing. In proofing, to achieve the four-color ink sample color accuracy and stability, must control and standardization of the three links, namely equipment, materials and quality standards. On the equipment, it is necessary to adjust the pressure of the proofing machine, the temperature of the plate table and the air cushion blanket to ensure the proofing machine is in the best working condition, the use of four-color inks with different brands, will result in a sample sheet and scanner characteristics of the file is different, directly affect the accuracy of color calibration. In addition to the standard paper, in principle proofing and printing should use the same paper; in quality standards, you should pay attention to the field density value, printing relative contrast value. If you can not take these factors into account when proofing, will lead to printing finished products and proofing compared to the error. For example, the ink used for printing is different from the ink used for proofing; the paper used for printing is different from the paper used for proofing (such as the use of different brands of paper, or the use of different types of paper, such as Copperplate, film and specialty paper) ; When proofing one-sided pursuit of dot gain minimization, resulting in dot center has a small white hole. If these deviations occur, will directly lead to the printed product can not catch up with proofing. In fact, even if it is the same set of film, if proofing twic...

  • What Is Coated Paper?
    What Is Coated Paper?
    • November 10, 2020

    What is coated paper? Many people may be confused when they hear the term coated paper. What is coated paper? In fact, coated paper can be seen everywhere. There is a 99% chance that the paper you are using now is coated paper. Coated paper has a wide range of applications, mainly used for printing, packaging, spray painting and so on. And for the use of coated paper to print demand is relatively large, but often the more often used, the easier it is to ignore the details, small series today for you to reveal a few no one actually knows the print details, these details directly affect the cost of printing, aesthetic. What is coated paper? Coated paper is made of base paper coated with white paint of high-grade printing paper, divided into double-coated paper, single-coated paper and Duster paper these three categories, is the most commonly used in the printing business card coated paper. Double copper paper and single copper paper are coated and calendered paper, smooth smooth surface, high gloss, so in the paper on a pleasing white. The paper has the advantages of high color reversion, bright luster, uniform coating, fast ink absorption, good printability, strong three-dimensional sense, even using ordinary printing ink, can also make good printing effect; Matte paper surface smooth and delicate, good gloss after printing, with its printing pattern, although not bright color coated paper, but the pattern is more delicate than coated paper, presenting noble and elegant texture and taste. Copperplate paper is mainly used for printing business cards, general promotional leaflets, folding, picture albums, high-grade book covers, illustrations, color pictures, all kinds of exquisite commodity advertising, samples, commodity packaging and so on. Master a few tips for using coated paper and become an experienced printer. Copperplate paper is one of the paper in great demand for printing. It can be used to make a lot of printing materials, but because it is widely used in printing, some details are easy to be neglected. A lot of people in the choice of paper will ask, this paper is not the kind of real estate used? That kind of paper looks cheap. In fact, 80% of the leaflets are printed on coated paper, but these customers in printing ignored some of the details, resulting in the use of coated paper printed on paper effect let people have a cheap, not beautiful impression. So what can be done to pay attention to these details, to achieve the effect of reducing printing costs and improve the aesthetics of the printed product. Little details about the design Document Design, did not pay attention to the use of coated paper printing to pay attention to small details, resulting in printing color difference, cost increases, and so on. In the design of documents, color should not only pursue art, but also consider the feasibility of printing, the sensitive color should be avoided as far as possible, because color if too complex may affect the cost of printing...

  • The Difference Between Digital Sample and Offset Printing Sample
    The Difference Between Digital Sample and Offset Printing Sample
    • November 05, 2020

    We are familiar with the packing box printing know, proofing the packing box and the real shipping box that we say the bulk sample is not the same. It is easy to see whether it is from the material or the surface of the print pattern of the exquisite and so on. So what is it that makes the difference? 1.Differences in mechanical structure. We see the proofing machine is basically the majority of the platform machine, most of it is monochrome or two-color, its printing mode is rotary, its ink is transferred between the Platen and the Platen Drum, our substrate, the printing paper, is also flat, and printing is usually done using a single-color, two-color or four-color more complex printing press, we know that the pressure is the imprint of the cylinder and the rubber cylinder through the circular way, the printing plate is also wrapped in the drum of paper in the printer is also round. 2.The speed of printing is also different, that is, the speed of printing is different. Our printers print more than 5k -- 6k sheets per hour, while our printers print only about 200 sheets per hour. The two ink rheological characteristics and fountain solution supply is different, which will affect the dot gain, double image and other unstable factors, resulting in a gradient reproduction of the difference. 3. Ink overprint in different ways. When printing on a printing press, the next layer of ink is usually printed before one layer of ink is dry. However, the way of a printer is different from that of a printing press, it will not print another color until the previous one is dry. 4.Printing plate layout design and printing requirements of the deviation, such ink will cause the layout of a hue too much or insufficient, resulting in the actual printing and requirements of the effect is far from. 5.Printing and formal printing plate is usually different, we know that due to the relationship between the print resistance, exposure will be different when the print plate, the type of deep exposure, printing plate light so the effect of printing naturally different. 6. They print on different paper. Paper is different, so substrate in the acceptance of ink its ability to affect the absorption and reflection of light, print quality will follow the difference. When we do digital products packaging box on the process technology requirements are high standards and high requirements, packaging box on the product drawing requirements and physical products less difference, more realistic. So we packaging and printing manufacturers in proofing will try to minimize the sample and the actual print out and physical products. Ready Or Not? Start Your Printing Story With Hongju! Get Started

  • Learn More About CMYK & RGB In Packaging
    Learn More About CMYK & RGB In Packaging
    • October 30, 2020

    As people have a new understanding of color itself and more applications, color slowly in different media presents a variety of changes. But in fact, the color displayed on the electronic screen can not be fully rendered on paper printing, because the two color modes are essentially different, RGB (color light -- as many as tens of thousands of colors on the screen) and CMYK (color ink -- as ink -- as printing four colors) . Do you want to know how the colorful colors appear on the paper? CMYK is the most widely used color mode in printing, and is also the overlapping printing system used in four-color division. It refers to the use of cyan, magenta, yellow and black four-color ink overprint to render color. When the completion of a work of design, do a good pre-press preparation and understand the principles of CMYK printing is crucial. Next Small Series will take you to experience CMYK colorful printing world! Introduction to four-color printing What’s CMYK? Through the visible spectrum (as shown above) and the study of color, the theory of pure black is completely absorb light, and pure white is completely reflective. When sunlight strikes an object, the object will absorb some of the light and reflect the rest of the light. The color of the reflected light is the color of the object we see, that is, filtering out unwanted color from the white light, leave the desired color, which is a subtractive color pattern. Subtractive mode is used not only for the color of visible objects, but also for the color rendering of paper printing. According to this model, modern printing on the evolution of the CMYK color model, as shown in the picture above. Because CMYK can present the color of this world to the maximum extent, it is also called printing color mode. It uses the principle of three primary colors of pigments, plus black ink, a total of four colors mixed and superimposed, forming the so-called “full-color printing” , which is currently the most widely used in the printing industry a color display. CMYK stands for: C (Cyan) = Teal Magenta = Carmine Y (Yellow) = Yellow K (Black) = Black In practical application, C, M, y three printing primary colors can not be superimposed to blend out of true black, dark brown is the limit of their harmony. But in the printed matter, the use of black is very high frequency, so that the introduction of black (K) . In addition to being used alone, it can be mixed with other primary colors to enhance the dark tone and deepen the dark part of the color level. If the printing effect of single black K100 is not black enough, consider combination of K100 and C30 or combination of K100, C50 and M50, these two color combinations can get more black printing effect. It shows a four-color printer schematic, a four-color printer photo, and a four-channel printing photo. According to Information, in 1906, CMYK color model by The Eagle Printing Ink Company was first invented, has more than 100 years of history. They found that ...

  • How To Design Gift Box Packaging?
    How To Design Gift Box Packaging?
    • October 25, 2020

    The gift box custom-made factory specially designs the packing, on the gift box packing question always has the unique design method. No single commodity can exist without packaging, not because of the isolation effect of packaging, but because of the aesthetic and decorative effect of packaging, many products have poor taste and even make consumers see the direct impact on the sales volume of the market, and ultimately even affect the economic benefits of businesses and manufacturers, how to make the packaging design more tasteful is one of the things we should work on from the appearance design skills, such as the gift box custom color, custom style, custom thickness, custom function, etc. , customized gift box manufacturers believe that the gift box to do a good job of text design, color matching, color harmony and shape elements can be, as follows: (1) Text design. Characters are symbols that convey ideas, communicate feelings and information, and convey the content of a subject. The brand number, brand name, description text, advertising text, as well as manufacturers, companies or distribution units, etc. , reflect the essence of packaging content. These words must be considered as part of the package design when designing the package. (2) Color skills. Color techniques should be from the following points of attention: first, the color and the corresponding relationship between the packaging; second, the color and the color of their own contrast. These two points are the key to the use of color. (3) The contrast between color and color. This is a lot of commodity packaging in the most easy to show but very difficult to grasp things. In the design from the master, the packaging of the wound effect is the spring snow, on the contrary, is under the people. In Chinese calligraphy and painting often popular so a saying, called airtight, Shu Ke Happy Horse. Actually, it’s a relationship of contrast. (4) Shape factor. The shape factor is the shape of the display surface of commodity packaging, including the size, size and shape of the display surface. In daily life we see three forms, namely natural form, artificial form and accidental form. But when we study the form of products, we must find a form that can be applied to any nature, that is, the common regularity of things out, called abstract form. Of these four elements, the graphic design of the exterior design is very concerned. The distance from the product to the commodity lies in the value. When the value exists, it is the commodity, both are the importance of appearance design in the eyes of consumers, and the pattern design of package design is the essence, which can improve the value of gift box in the following ways: 1. Take Pictures Direct product or directly related to the product through the way through the photography, is the closest thing to the original thing itself, but also the most acceptable expression for consumers (those who hate things) . David Ogilvy, in his book confess...

  • How To Customize Your Own Packaging?
    How To Customize Your Own Packaging?
    • October 20, 2020

    With the mature development of packaging technology and the continuous updating of printing and packaging technology, the process of customized printing of packaging box has been simplified, as follows: 1. Design A lot of packaging design is the enterprise or the customer has their own design or ask the design company and design, because design is the first step, what kind of design or size, what structure, color and so on. Of course, the packaging and printing plant also has to help customers design services. 2. Proofing For the first time to make a customized printed box, it is usually necessary to print a digital sample, or even to print a real sample on a printing machine, because when printing a digital sample again, the color may be different from that of the digital sample when printing in large quantities, and a printing press mass production to make sure the colors stay the same. 3. Publishing After the proofing is confirmed, it can be produced normally in batches. As far as the production of the packaging and printing factory is concerned, this is actually the first step. The color process of the present color box packaging box is very beautiful, so the colors of the published version are also various, many color box packaging box not only 4 basic colors, but also spot color, such as spot red, spot blue, black and so on these are spot color, is and normal four-color difference. A few colors is a few PS printing plate, spot color is a unique one. 4. Paper materials The choice of color box packaging material, in proofing, is already determined, here to say the type of paper used to make packaging box printing 1) Single copper paper also called white cardboard, suitable for color box packaging box, single box printing production, general weight: 250-400 grams commonly used. 2) Coated paper, coated paper with coated paper to do the packaging box, is generally used for mounting paper, that is, coated paper printed patterns, and then mounted on the gray board paper or wooden box, generally suitable for the production of hardcover box packaging. 3) White Board paper, White Board paper is one side White, one side gray paper, white side printing pattern, some used as a single box, some used as a pit paper box, use here do not explain the paper more, in the previous chapter, the properties and characteristics of the common materials used in packaging boxes are introduced, with a detailed description. 5. Printing Services Color box packaging box printing process requirements are very high, the most taboo color differences, ink spots, needle misregister, scratch and other problems, but also on the post-printing processing. 6. Printing surface treatment Surface treatment, color box packaging box is common over-gloss glue, over-dumb Glue, UV, over-gloss oil, over-dumb oil and bronzing and so on. 7. Die Cutting Die-cutting molding is the post-press processing in the more important link, but also the last link, do not good, in front of the effort will ...

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