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6 Kinds Of Ineluctable Errors In Printing

  • November 15, 2020

It should be said that this kind of error appears, is not caused by the mechanical problems we mentioned above, but is entirely the process control problems. Therefore, we generally require in the production of print proofing, must have the customer’s signature confirmation. These errors can be reduced or eliminated to a large extent by comparison between the parties. But even so, in fact, some mistakes can still be made in client-approved manuscripts.

Error of production and proofing
After the design and production personnel have finished the typesetting and production work, they enter into the process of hair typesetting, which is what we usually call film proofing. In general, the laser typesetter film accuracy in the range of 0.01-0.1 mm. At the same time due to the use of different film, will also lead to a certain error.

The most direct expression of this error is in the four film (black, red, yellow, Blue) , if a film (such as black version) problems and the need to patch, because the film output film, the resolution may be different (not in the same batch of film) , which leads to Dot changes, the film may be and the previous three film misregister. Therefore, in the piece out should strive to one-time forming, to minimize the patch. Of course, when the film due to font replacement of garbled or font changes, if the relevant personnel seriously responsible, it can be avoided.

After the film (film) production, the traditional analog proofing needs to use a set of four film proofing. In proofing, to achieve the four-color ink sample color accuracy and stability, must control and standardization of the three links, namely equipment, materials and quality standards. On the equipment, it is necessary to adjust the pressure of the proofing machine, the temperature of the plate table and the air cushion blanket to ensure the proofing machine is in the best working condition, the use of four-color inks with different brands, will result in a sample sheet and scanner characteristics of the file is different, directly affect the accuracy of color calibration.

In addition to the standard paper, in principle proofing and printing should use the same paper; in quality standards, you should pay attention to the field density value, printing relative contrast value. If you can not take these factors into account when proofing, will lead to printing finished products and proofing compared to the error.

For example, the ink used for printing is different from the ink used for proofing; the paper used for printing is different from the paper used for proofing (such as the use of different brands of paper, or the use of different types of paper, such as Copperplate, film and specialty paper) ; When proofing one-sided pursuit of dot gain minimization, resulting in dot center has a small white hole. If these deviations occur, will directly lead to the printed product can not catch up with proofing.

In fact, even if it is the same set of film, if proofing twice, the proofs will be different.

Color error

There are three kinds of color errors, the first is the printing and proofing color deviation, the second is the same batch of printing internal color before and after a certain degree of inconsistency; The third is that there is a deviation between the product color and the object color in the printed matter.

The first difference is that we usually say when printing can not catch up with proofing, the reason has been discussed above, such as ink problems, paper problems, Dot restore problem. For such differences, the printer should try to trace the sample, if the difference is large, should be notified to the customer, signed by the customer.

The second difference is also the objective existence, the printing machinery itself has been difficult to solve the problem. As we know, in the printing process, ink on ink is a Dynamic equilibrium process. During printing, when the ink on the ink roller is reduced to a certain extent, the printing machine will automatically ink to compensate. And here, “a certain degree” will directly lead to a batch of live parts of the front printing of the finished product and the final printing color deviation. The third difference is actually a matter of psychological anticipation.

We once had a customer who claimed that the printed product was not exactly the same color as the real thing, that it was bad for the company’s image and even affected the company’s order, and we thought that the color deviation was acceptable. For this case, it should be said that the deviation is objective, and can not be completely attributed to the printing plant quality control. We mentioned earlier that, to be exact, the color of the printed product is not entirely consistent with proofing, not to mention the same batch of internal printing ink color deviation. Proofing just because out first, to be able to serve as a reference standard, and customers may prejudge that proofing is good, right.

In this case, we usually consider the color of the product picture first, then the color of other pictures, and finally the decorative color bar or color block. For printing samples for order, we usually suggest that customers add a line below the printed matter: “The color in this printed matter is for reference only, the color is subject to the object” in order to avoid unnecessary disputes.

Paper error

As a result of papermaking process problems, different paper manufacturers produce the same paper brightness, thickness, texture will be different.

Three production of the same gram of coated paper, its texture is different, of course, the difference is not too large. Such as the asia-pacific offset paper, paper fineness and whiteness better than other domestic manufacturers, but the price is also about 50% higher.

In addition, the same manufacturer of the same gram of paper, due to different factory time, in the production process may be slightly changed, plus acceptable error and other reasons, its brightness, thickness, texture is also different. In fact, in the labels of each batch of paper purchased by the printing plant, the paper mill made such a declaration in advance, requiring that the paper should not be mixed with the previous paper in order to avoid any deviation in the user comparison. In the case of a printing house, the paper pattern of the printed product to be used shall be provided to the customer before each printing, and the customer shall confirm it and put it into printing in order to avoid such disputes.

Printing mechanical error
The printing machinery’s error manifests in two points. One is the overprinter accuracy, the other is the ink problem. We know that color printing is actually four-color overprint, that is, red, yellow, blue, black four-color overlay together, and overprint content reflected in the film, we mentioned earlier Dot, colloquially, is a small dot.

According to the printing industry standard of our country, the register precision of the printing press, that is, the superposition precision of the dot is 0.033 mm, the actual mechanical precision is generally higher than this standard, mostly 0.01 mm, of course, there are printing machinery for 0.1 mm (mostly monochrome machine) . But even so, if the use of a 40-power magnifying glass to observe the printed product, you can still see its dot stacking deviation.

Therefore, in the transfer process of printed products, we can only reach the point of no problem with the naked eye, unless printed products are Millennium Rare, otherwise the printing plant is impossible to accept customers with a magnifying glass fault practice.

For the ink problem, due to ink device ink volume compensation, there is a certain deviation, which has been discussed in the previous, we will not repeat.

Dimensional error of cutting
After the printing is finished, the next important step is to use the paper cutter to cut the printed product. In cutting the finished product, due to the cutter itself error, the error after cutting the finished product is also objective.

In fact, according to relevant national standards, the error range of cutting size is 0.5 mm, and the error range of securities printing is 1 mm. In other words, the size of RMB and negotiable securities is not exactly the same, but its error must fall within a certain range. For general printed matter, the size of the cutting error is more than ± 2mm.

Error of psychological expectation
Precisely speaking, the psychological error should not be included in the category of printing error we discussed. The reason why we mention this problem is because in our dealings with customers, this problem is often encountered, difficult to solve, and have to face the problem.

For customers who have been exposed to print products for a long time, after a long period of experience and knowledge accumulation, they have gained an insight into what is acceptable and what is not, it is easier to communicate with the printing house.

And some customers in the production of printed matter, may have a very high psychological expectations, hope to make the printed matter magnificent. To this part of the customer, the printing house then must assume the education and the training market the task, carries on the communication with the customer many. After all, print is print, not art. Poor communication is an unpleasant memory for both parties.

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